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Positive Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring.

As a practitioner of applied positive psychology and coaching psychology, I have been trained in different coaching methods, each of which with a basis in science and psychology.  This means essentially I am able to tailor our time together to the best methodology for your needs.   

Coaching is exploration, discovery and creating in partnership with a coach – who guides and helps as a catalyst as you plan new or altered journey. Mentoring is more direct support and guidance.  Depending on your reason to come to this practice, we discover how we will work together.


Positive psychology within/connected to coaching psychology & mentoring encourages improvement and empowerment towards improved well-being, increased performance and life satisfaction. Applied positive psychology can support a pathway to achieving life goals and ambitions and helps us live the happiest and best life possible with what we have.  A lot of my style as a positive psychology practitioner, mentor and coach is helping you create a space to consider your objectives and make a pathway towards them. 

If you have something you want to work towards, essentially the goal is to get you there through a multidimensional approach.  Along the way, you - as the client (individual or organization) - determine the goals and how you want to achieve them.