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Positive English

Alongside my coaching and mentoring work, I created Positive English.  This is a place where language learning and psychology meet. 


I created Positive English for clients that approach me to further their English skills.  Learning a language is not just about grammar and rules.  Very often my students find themselves improving their grades and abilities through gaining confidence to speak and feeling good about their use of language.  Combining my background as a positive psychology practitioner, coach and mentor and teaching experience, I have managed to help children believe in their own abilities and adults conquer their fears of speaking to an audience.  I have also helped total beginners feel they can just get started.   ​​


In Positive English sessions we work on typical English tuition but also positive psychology exercises through the medium of English. This combination of positive psychology and language learning has led to clients experiencing improved well-being and performance on a number of levels.   Others have expressed a sense of feeling more free to just be themselves whilst using English.  

More info is available clicking the button below or going to:  https://positivestudentclub.com/Positive-English/

I also take on a limited amount of editorial tasks.  I am currently the editor for example of the annual catalogue for the diplomatic supplier, www.pj.dk (shown in pictures below right).

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